AR art initiative

Series of AR sculptures made in a collaboration with digital artists could be displayed anywhere around the world. A flexible AR solution by Arhead works on any smartphone and delivers a unique experience with possibilities to share unique emotions in social media.
More content - more people
People getting the "wow" effect so they are more likely to share experiences with others. Massive animated digital sculptures are almost impossible in real life but always possible in the digital layer bringing more people to enjoy the unique interplay between physical and digital
Preparing for the vision
There are no AR without people who use it daily. We need a proper introduction to set up interest in the upcoming inevitable new media - Augmented Reality. Step by step we will help to shape a real digital habit for all citizens helping to operate with the digital city.
Ready to start
AR exhibition does not need any complex physical infrastructure allowing us to setup it anywhere after necessary permission. We are a team of professionals focused specifically on the digital city of the future and ready to launch this project start from now.