The first AR NFT exhibition in Dubai, Paradoxia As part of our collaboration with the Behnoode Foundation and Foundry gallery by Emaar. We are working towards reaching our goal of creating a ‘city as a gallery’ - a new, digital layer that sees the physical world being blended with augmented reality.
The unknown universe is a mystical place, hidden with secrets and divine inspiration. The alchemy of art transcends the imagination. A journey from your soul into the interpretation your emotions. Art’s expression has a different understanding for us all. The universe is a magical place full of miracles and mystery. A spectrum of colours combined with emotions, a place where your soul can fantasize away. The unknown realm with miracles held and forces that cannot be seen.
The power of the imagination that sparks inspiration with colours so bold and bright.
A higher realm where miracles tell you secrets from another world.
Space is an infinite field full of energy and unlimited ideas. Explosive with unlimited potential. Flickering with gleams of sparkle shining brightly in the depths of our soul. As, vast as the sky and as deep as the oceans, Where there is no beginning nor end. An arena for limitless opportunities and kaleidoscopic adventures. Cosmic rays of laser light and colours dancing away.
Energetic forces lead and guide through a galaxy of magic and mystery combined. Miracles ignite and creativity shines bright.
Fine art detailing against a solid white background with accents of black.
Art in moving motion as simplicity unites with complexity. The understated power of making an art statement.