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Create a Metaverse worlds on Arhead for companies and entertainment

Arhead is a creators driven platform to produce content, spaces and events for companies in the Metaverse

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Augmented reality
Metaverse world
Virtual W3rlds and storefront with variety of engagement mechanics
We provide tools to create unique spaces that can be designed and built to provide a variety of engagement mechanics and activities. Spaces then could combine into Areas and districts by using portals.


Transforming any assets to Metaverse ready content
Arhead Content Item is a unique Phygital format to store, show and share content across the physical and digital world. Content can be represented both in AR (augmented reality) and as a digital asset inside the metaverse space.


Metaverses directly created by community
The Community unites artists, meta architects, and creative agencies to provide services for building metaverses.

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Are you working with other Metaverse platforms? 
Arhead is a Metaverse platform in itself where creators and brands are building their Worlds. Meanwhile, all content is interoperable and ready to be connected with other Metaverses. 
Can I create my own space/world/room/virtual location on Arhead? Is it free?
Yes, you can start creating right now.
Register and start building your own Metaverse with no code or additional skills.
Do I need to buy land on Arhead Metaverse?
No, Arhead metaverse does not have artificial scarcity. Just like in a typical website builder, you can create content and Worlds for free and manage them to sell shows or interact with other users.
How can I monetize my content on Arhead?
You can sell any asset produced on the Arhead Metaverse platform as NFT minted on Polygon, as well as using typical sales contract and then tranfsferring the rights to the space after the sale.
Do you have an audience/community inside the Metaverse? How many people?
We are a creators-driven platform and have a large community. Meanwhile, brands and companies mostly invite their own relevant audience.
Do I need Crypto Wallet to enter the Metaverse or buy any asset inside?
It’s not required to have a wallet to enter the Metaverse. But if you want to buy any NFT asset, then a wallet is needed for the purchase.
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