Web 3.0
Web3 is the next iteration of the World Wide Web based on the blockchain, which incorporates concepts like decentralization and token-based economics

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Arhead is a community-driven platform to create content, spaces and events for companies seeking to push their brands forward and engage audiences in the Metaverse.
Transforming any assets to Metaverse ready content
Arhead Content Item is a unique Phygital format to store, show and share content across the physical and digital world. Content can be represented both in AR (augmented reality) and as a digital asset inside the metaverse space.
Virtual Homeland and storefront with variety of engagement mechanics
We provide tools to create unique spaces that can be designed and built to provide a variety of engagement mechanics and activities. Spaces then could combine into Areas and districts by using portals.
Metaverses directly created by professionals
The Community unites artists, meta architects, and creative agencies to provide services for building metaverses.
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current Events
Arhead presents the artworks in the Metaverse gallery at the new Digital Extravaganza exhibition in the Theatre of Digital Art in Dubai. Fill the form to exhibit your art in the heart of Dubai and in the Metaverse gallery.
ToDA Digital Extravaganza
DEIP is the creator economy protocol. They asked to build their own Metaverse during their mainnet launch. The Arhead community working to deliver all ecosystem elements together to create the most creative homeland for the most creative blockchain protocol.
DEIP Metaverse
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