Dubai city as a digital gallery.

Unique permanent city-scale AR gallery.

Presentation for Dubai Culture Department

by Arhead Technologies.

Citizens are ready to implement digital cities
Connecting digital art and public spaces with the power of Augmented Reality. Developing Creative Economy and meet the global digital trend.
City-scale AR is a new layer of digital and physical interplay
Digital layer is renewable dimensional copy of real city stored in a cloud and accessible for citizens.
It’s a new way for communication between people, the city, and growing information flow.
Concept proposal
The world first city-scale digital art gallery
Project supported by Dubai Culture Department operated by Arhead Technologies will impact the international art community providing a unique attraction point and supporting local artists
Cultural hub
Augmented Reality city-scale gallery brings vibrant cultural life. Developing Dubai as a global cultural destination and a centre for talent and innovation
Audience coverage
Increase viral and photogenic activity for every public space up to 90% with eye-catchy augmented reality content
Digital Transformation
The project will help stimulate the creative economy and create opportunities for the public to engage more closely with art.
Efficient and scale
Zero cost to change and update digital expositions compare to physical art. Scalable digital infrastructure with state of the art content delivery system.
Try it now
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Unique approach
1st ever
Dubai is the world first permanent city-scale AR gallery
City becomes a place for the biggest AR object in the world
Guinness Record for the largest and longest city-scale AR gallery in the world
Series of exhibitions could be scheduled for a years supporting upcoming DCD projects
Arhead | Dubai city as a digital gallery
Video exploring series of digital art sculptures locate around the city
How it works?
Easy to use no-app solution works on any device
Find a podium
We will install podiums with a QR code in a specific public places and attract attention
Scan a code
Works fast on iOS and Android devices. No application is required
Enjoy and share
People will get their first AR experience and share content in social media

Ready to launch on November 1

Arhead Technologies are ready to launch the project on November 1, 2021. The first exhibition will take 3 months complete with a series of exhibitions planned for the year.
Infrastructure with 50 podiums
The first stage of the city-scale AR gallery includes 50 podiums located on EXPO2020 avenue with possibilities to scale to Dubai city as well.
100 digital artworks
Curated by a group of experienced digital art experts and supported by all major art platforms project will unity global art community
About Arhead
Arhead Technologies is the first Augmented Reality Operator registered in Dubai. We are the best at delivering and managing AR content fast and secure.
We are a team of passionate professionals focused specifically on the digital city of the future. We are a deeptech company with full-stack in-house development.
Start from 2012 we are pushing forward AR and spatial digital architecture as the next computing platform. Years of experience allow us to find basic needs for the city of the future.
Our vision is to build and service the digital infrastructure of future cities. We are developing a solution for tomorrow to work with the city of today.